Best Custom Keyboard Options For Silent 1800?

Hey everyone, I’m looking to build a silent 1800 / 98-style keyboard and would appreciate some feedback. I’m not only focused on the silent aspect but also interested in build quality and ease of assembly. I’m considering options like the Qwertykeys QK100, Keychron Q5, Monsgeek M2, Wind X98 R2, or any other recommendations you might have. I’m aware of the Odin, but it’s a bit more expensive.

Some background; I’ve been a Topre and Niz user for the past few years, but I want to return to / add a higher quality MX board. I’m leaning towards the TTC Silent Blueish or Akko Penguin for silent tactile switches.

Cannonkeys is adding a hotswap option for the Rekt1800 soon. It’s $270 right now, though that’s the solder version. These are nice, heavy keyboards. It’s can have a pretty big sound normally, but with silent switches I could see it working. People love the Haimu Heartbeats from CK. They also have a silent tactile that feels nice, the Whisper. It’s not…totally silent…but the Heartbeats pretty much are.

Honestly, a nice Keychron in the Q-series like you are suggesting should work.

They can be customized, is my understanding. You can order a ‘sound-kit,’ I think, for adjusting. If dampened sufficiently and with good stabilizers, it should be a good platform for silent switches.