Best Dye Sub work

I know the asian suppliers like ePBT and HK Gaming can do amazing things with 5-side reverse dye sub, but damn for clarity of legends no one is as good as Signature Plastics.

The samples for DCS Delftware are so sharp! Could any other vendor do this?


I need to try DCS at a meet up (when they happen again). I like the price, but I am worried about how thin the caps are. I want to check out the sound in a board before I commit to buying some. It seems like this will provide some more competition in the future though!


ABS DCS caps are pretty thin & make for a high pitched sound profile, but IMHO that is not a bad thing as most would say. I think it actually compliments certain builds. I’ve never tried PBT DCS yet, but would imagine the difference in material will deepen the sound up a little bit so it would be closer to what most are used to with the thick keycaps. Anyways I’d definitely recommend giving DCS a try when you can, it might surprise you like it did to me!


I absolutely agree on Signature Plastic’s dyesub being the best. Ordered a set of DSA Alchemy, and was worried what the legends were going to be like (I had one set of HK Gaming and one set of Infinikey at the time) and was absolutely shocked. Nothing even comes close.