Best keyboard enthusiast blogs/vlogs/channels/etc?

What are your favorite keyboard enthusiast content makers? blogs/vlogs/channels/etc., lm have em!


For me it would be Alexotos for the vibes, Apiary & Lightning for vibes + knowledge. A real throwback is Wodan on YT, I think he still posts & streams from time to time. Then of course Chyrosan for vintage knowledge.


I’m a big MechMerlin fan. I also like XinXinWong (Patty) and LightningXi (Diego) in particular.

I catch Apiary and Alex on occasion and check BlackSimon’s groupbuy review sheet weekly and watch the parts I want more context for after. This is my way of digesting Geekhack.

I like to check out Keyboard Builders’ Digest.

I’m leaving out Discord, which is its own topic.

There are a bunch of other streamers I follow and check out less frequently. Happy to DM you a longer list if you like.


We should also mention our very own @Manofinterests makes some great content too. He hasn’t been really active on Twitch or YT recently though AFAIK.


wow, we’ve never discussed it, but we have very similar tastes even in streamers! Also like MechMerlin as well.

I don’t watch a lot of streamers, but these I do enjoy every now and then.


If you’re into it, watching some super old keyboard content to see just how far things have come is kinda cool.

@Manofinterests early content is some of the content that got me super into the hobby. This video in particular was my end game goal early on

Skiwithpete used to be one of the early streamers of keyboard content.

Taeha was the person I see as single handedly EXPLODING the hobby with his streams and content.

Mech Merlin looks to still be heavily active, which is awesome because he has been around for a long time too and was one of my favorites.

4 Likes - He has some great content with actual science behind it on how keyboard construction effects the sound. - great production, and I like hearing about what is going on in the scene in Korea. - Pretty much just amazing commercials for boards, but in the best way. - A fairly recent up and coming that I have been enjoying. He kind of replaced for me - Doesn’t have a lot of keyboard stuff but really detailed and well presented videos. - I have learned a lot of build tips and techniques just from watching him build


You’re reminding me: less known, but I also really like YouTuber Tofu Types!

Maker Mods is less frequent for me but also deserves a mention.

Anzel is another great one I forgot about.


I watch more YouTube than Twitch these days, but some streamers utilize both. I regularly watch MechMerlin, Lightning, Alex, Apiary, and XinXinWong. I catch a random BlackSimon stream/vod every now and again, but I watch all of his review vids. I also will watch an occasional Lulzthax stream, but it’s been a minute (is he active now?). Also MrKeebs started streaming again which is really cool – he’s just a very cool guy.


Ty all for the great ideas! Jets off to check em’ out :dash::dash::dash:



One more I’ll throw on the pile is Shoobs, specifically for comparisons. (I think he still does that?) He’ll mount a bunch of comparable switches under the same key in a board and record them all in a session so the viewer can compare sound like-for-like. It won’t tell you how x switch will sound in your board, but might be useful for comparison if you have one or more on the list, and want to know about others comparatively.

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