Best medium tactile switch

Hi! I recently got an Epomaker AK84S and I’m looking for a medium tactile switch, like the Penguins or Drangonfruits, that would sound deep and smooth in my board. Dragonfruits sound terrible but their bump is very nice and Penguins are one of my options at the moment and I want to know if any other medium tactiles out there. Thank you!


I was going to suggest penguins. I think they’re somewhere near the current top of the crop for what you’re after right now. Someone may suggest others, but I don’t think you can go wrong with those.

There’s the Cherry MX Clears, the original medium tactile switch. The default spring is a short 90g spring that’s designed to stop you from bottoming out, rather than a standard 60-70g spring, so a lot of people spring swap their default spring to something lighter though. Being Cherry they generally are considered to sound nice, though they really need lube and also benefit from filming,

All the JWK medium tactile variants are going to be pretty similar, though some (like Ceruleans) have nylon tops which probably affect the sound a bit.

There’s the Zeal V1 Redux, though those are a bit pricey.


The Penguins and Dragonfruits are all variants of “Durock Medium Tactile.” The best of these are probably the Penguins and Taro Ball. [Taro Ball uses a heavier spring.]

If you’re looking for something with a little more resistance, the RARA V2 is like those others, but with a more powerful ThiccThock spring that makes it very strong and poppy. It’s not as relaxed as the Dragonfruit, so I’d be willing to sell you mine, which are lubed + filmed and extremely deep-sounding.

A spicy variant of Durock Medium Tactile is “Midnight.” It’s the Medium Tactile stem, but in a T1 housing, so it is more tactile.

Zealio V1 Redux is similar to DMT, but Zealio has a little more pre-travel, a slightly-smaller bump, and stronger tactile leaf. Definitely more of an “Ergo Clear” than DMT. Sounds insectile, but with the right 205g0 lubing sounds like raindrops, the more conventional stem design gives less ‘negative space’ after the bump than with DMT.

I personally think that SP Star Purple is a great medium-tactile switch, as it’s definitely bigger than Browns, but not crazy like Zealio V2. Decent-sounding [I think nylon housing?] and slightly-lubed out-of-the-box. [SP Star Magic Girl may be similar?]

AKKO CS Ocean Blue and Purple are medium-tactiles, like smaller Holy Pandas. They aren’t my favourite, but they work, and have great price-to-performance.

Naevies are meant to be Ergo Clears, but I don’t have experience with them.


Congrats on getting the Epomaker AK84S! It’s always exciting to get a new keyboard. I understand what you mean about wanting a medium tactile switch that sounds deep and smooth. I’ve heard great things about the Penguins and dragonfruits. Still, you’re looking for other options. In that case, you should check out the Best Tactile Switches for your Keyboard 2023 article on Best Tactile Switches for your Keyboard 2023 | They’ve got a list of switches to choose from, including some that might fit your criteria. Happy switch hunting!

I personally prefer the Gazzew U4Tx:

  • Tactile
  • Slightly factory lubricated (Really smooth out of the box)
  • 65g spring
  • White/RGB top housing
  • 5 Pins
  • Reduced Leaf Ping
  • New plastic (not Boba plastic)
  • U4Tx stem (dust-proof, silent rails, long post)
  • Ultra stable (absolutely no wobble)
  • Hyper tactile with a silenced upstroke (lube not required)
  • Manufactured by Outemu

However, I also own premade Filco & Varmilo boards with Cherry MX clears; no complaints about these.

Akko POM Brown.

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Okay, but is that really a medium-tactile?

I have two on a PCB with mostly medium-tactile switches, and the POM Browns are less tactile. Definitely in the ‘brown’ category, comparable to something like Leobog Brown.

Also, do you lube yours? My POM Browns have definite squeaky leaf or spring noise, so I’m wondering how to get better sound w/o losing tactility. I think POM Browns would be good on a polycarb plate on a lightweight build, although heavy would work too.

Okay, but is that really a medium -tactile?

To me, it’s bump is more noticeable than Cherry Brown and Blueberry Chiffons and not as prominent as Cherry Clear and Holy Panda heavy tactiles. I guess you could also call it light-medium tactile.

Also, do you lube yours?

Yes, I lube tactiles like I lube linears, meaning 205g0 all over the stem. I used to avoid lubing the stem legs before easing into linears but not after I rediscovered the joy of tactiles. What I enjoy is not maximum tactility but best feel and sound. And, for me, heavier tactility disrupts the “flow” while coding or typing so, yeah, I now lube everywhere.