Best method of tactility?


Poll -

What is your favourite implementation of tactility in a switch?


Either alps leaf or click bar, although the BOX click bar is a clicky design, it generates an amazing tactility imo.


Dome for sure for me. Wish you could get the same tactile experience as a dome but with more clack :slight_smile:


I like beamsprings and BKE domes quite a bit for tactility. For a more standardized feel that people could make today, of course changing the leaf while using an appropriate stem a la Holy Pandas is a solid choice.


Topre & BKE domes are very nice, but ALPS method of generating tactility is what feels the best to me. I love the feel of pretty much having to push through the tactile leaf & having very little travel after the tactile event. Especially with SKCM browns, the plastic dummy plate with just another actuation leaf on it to generate tactility really makes for a special feel IMO.


I’ll have my first brown Alps build soon :slight_smile:

I’m hoping it’s everything it has been hyped up to be hehe


Nice setup! :eyes: That is gonna be a killer build! I mean it’s all personal in this hobby, but I doubt you’ll be let down by SKCM browns. They honestly have a special feel to me compared to even other tactile ALPS switches. It’s hard to describe, like I said in my previous post I really think it has a lot to do with them using the plastic dummy plate vs the full metal tactile leaf that orange, salmon, & blacks use. Definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product & hearing a typing test!


I wanna know how he got his antique board before everyone else.


It was from the last round hehe, I’ve had this one for months


Same man, I’ve grown fond of my clack.


I want to try a beamspring so bad but money :frowning:


I have to agree with you, hoping we see some mx switches that adopt tactile leafs in the future. I’ve spoke to Mike from Novelkeys about it and he said he’d definitely consider it once he’s done with some of his current projects, mans a legend.


Brown alps will sure be different from any other tactiles you’ve tried that’s for sure, love their leaf personally but prefer skcm orange weighting.


I’ve definitely heard that from quite a few friends. I do have a SKCM Orange board that I really love so I’m really curious to see how these SCKM browns will really stack up.


Looks suuuper nice, their tactility is a bit more rounded compared to oranges. I wish I could get my hands on some limes since they’re meant to feel even rounder but they’re so damn rare and expensive.


I personally prefer the heavier weighting of the browns, but you can have the best of both worlds. My ALPS64 build has SKCM oranges I got 70g Spirit springs in, since I found their stock springs to be a bit light for me. I bet if you got 60 or 65g springs (or even springs harvested from oranges) & threw them in browns you’d have an ideal switch! I know it’s less common to mess with swapping ALPS parts, but it can pay off. Like I’ve heard of people swapping damped cream sliders into orange housings & it making a pretty unique feeling/sounding switch. I believe it was Xmit that suggested that, but I can’t remember.

Although ideally someone will come out with a MX styled switch using ALPS style actuation & tactile/click leafs. Mike would be my new hero if he successfully pulls that off! I don’t know how feasible that ideal truly is though. It would definitely up the part per switch count & increases costs across the board with that for them. Also I don’t know how well they would function with a smaller slider & leaf like the ones someone linked pics to in your ALPS thread. I think it’s worth a shot, but the fact it has been tried already & quickly abandoned without any fanfare from enthusiasts worries me a bit.


Yeah I’ve been thinking of spring swapping browns too just gotta get around to doing it.

Indeed they’ll probably cost more to produce with having an extra part but still shouldn’t be as much as complicated alps, they’ll also have the benefit of not needing different stem moulds for different switches which might be somewhat beneficial. I was thinking about the different sized stems and leafs too which will affect acoustics more than anything imo sounding a little less deep but can’t say for sure. I think the main reason it hasn’t really been tried yet is because nobody can get their hands on the proworld switches to reference from and will have to pretty much design them from scratch.


Very true, I’ve dug pretty far into the history of mechanical keyboard switches & never heard of them till then myself. Never heard of anyone that has some either so you’re probably right about that.