Best spring for unholy panda build

What springs and weight do you guys know will make a great unholy panda switch? Would be my first linear switch. Need it to be as comfortable as possible. Thanks in advance.

Honestly with linears it’s all straight preference as you don’t have to worry about things like the spring changing the characteristic of a bump, or it being too light to return, like you do with tactiles.

Is there a switch you really like the weighting of? If so maybe that weighting would be a good place to start. You could also use the halo clear/true springs you have and see how you like that.

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While Panda variants have an interesting sound, they’re probably not the best for a first-time linear. Rather ironically, Pandas, originally made to be the ultimate linear, turned out to become the tactile holy grail. If you want a switch that’s widely accepted to be nice and comfortable, there’s always the venerable Gateron Yellow! Nowadays we’re spoiled for choice for linears, so it’s not hard to find one that you don’t have to do a ton of tinkering on, which is the case with Panda-whatevers. Gateron, Greetech, Cherry, even Kailh’s stock linears are good, great with lube even, and they tend to have decent weights if you’re not going on the heavy side.

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One month into this hobby. I spent about $300 on switches and lubes and have no keyboard yet. I really don’t know what I like. I kept reading about holy pandas so I grabbed enough to build a 60% but now I have the unholy parts. I also have zealios 67g feels ok but not sure what I would like in the linear side of things. Was just going to go with 67g spring by spirit springs or maybe something else? I don’t know who else has springs I am able to purchase now.

If you’re continental US, there’s the SPRiT springs from that you can get, but there’s also the Catweewee springs from, as people aren’t exactly big fans of Sprit in general.

67 will feel fine. I wouldn’t go any lighter than 58g or you will start to feel the switch catch on the way back up on slow presses.


Thanks. Order a set of 65g springs from that website. 67 was not available.

I have the 65 and they felt good on my Holy mint YOK switches. Hopefully you have the same response on your Pandas.

The 70 felt really nice too, but They started to lose some tactility at that weight.

I plan to use the stock springs in my holy trash pandas build. And I plan to use the 65g spring in the u holy panda build. Would that be ideal?

It’s all preference - while I’d advise you put a nicer spring in the Holy Pandas, as with the leftover linears made you’ll just be polishing a relative turd, it’s whatever you see fit. In general, i tend to like my linears a few g heavier than my equivalent tactile and clickies.

Are the tx springs the nicer springs? No clue. I’m only a month into this hobby.

Holy panda with the 65g tx springs
Unholy panda with the stock trash yok springs?

The stock YOK springs are not the nicest, but they can be made better with some oil/lubricant if you’re not super worried about that. GENERALLY, keyword GENERALLY, the springs that are aftermarket are a higher quality. TX springs are definitely some of the nicer ones.

Thank you!!

Will use the 65g tx springs in the holy panda build

Will use the springs from the trash pandas for the unholy panda build.

I got a bunch of lube. Trisys(spelled wrong) 3204 krytox 205g0 and also got lube today with the springs. Not sure what it is but got it anyway.

I just ordered tx springs after i saw them in the mail thread the other day. Really curious how they perform

they’re nice, indeed. Feel very linear to me, like a cherry spring if that makes sense.

I hope they’re not as crunchy as cherry springs.

Nope, no crunch.