Best TKL/75% Budget Keyboard

Does anyone have any TKL/75% keyboard recommendations? I’m looking for a barebones or prebuilt under $100 preferably with a knob and Bluetooth.


People say that they like the HI75.

It has really good sound for something in its class. I don’t know of anything comparable in under-$100.

At that price, have a look at the monsgeek m1w, which is a bit more. The plate may have to be adjusted to keep the knob from rubbing against the top shell. The monsgeek driver is not terribly versatile, and it does not support VIA. The switch to change from wired to Bluetooth is under the caps lock, which seems to bother some people. I don’t mind this. So that in my opinion are the negatives. The typing experience is fantastic. The sound and feel are so good that I pop the keys every time I pass by. I put in akko cream blue pro v3 switches and Akko keycaps. Both are relatively inexpensive and well worth the money.