Birb here! I'm Milly!

Hi! Nice to meet you! Im Milly and Im a birb!

About me

But no really, Im a third year Computer Science student at Oregon State University. I work as a student developer at my University’s graduate school; Gotta get money for keyboards somehow! My focus is currently centered on studying artificial intelligence. :robot:

Keyboard things

My current collections of keyboards include the following: a KBDfans TINA-B 60%, a 1upkeyboards Hot-swap Edition 60%, a KPRepublic XD75RE and an old Apple Extended Keyboard II I got off of someone on Craigslist a few days ago that has been cleaned up!

Currently, my keycap collections only consist of DSA Hana (which currently lives on my HSE) and DCS Midnight (which lives on my TINA).

I hope to add USB functionality to the AEK II this week if I can collect all the parts I need.

Thanks for reading! :heart: :bird:


Welcome to the site! GL converting your AEKII, Here’s a link to great guide about converting ADB to USB by Hasu. Be sure to post some pics of your boards in the “Post Your Keyboards” thread when you get a chance! :metal:


Welcome to the community! Looking forward to seeing more of your builds and progress on the AEK II conversion!