BKE Domes Discontinued Soon?

So I’ve been waffling for some time on the idea of swapping out the domes on my HHKB Pro 2 Type-S. I had heavy domes on my FC980C and found it to be a bit fatiguing after a while, hence picking up this HHKB.

Now I’m getting the itch to spice things up with some light or ultra light domes and noticed that Keyclack is going to be discontinuing the BKE domes in the next month or so. Any clues as to why these are going away?


After a search I’ve seen they have made a V2 version of the domes, that are compatible with RGB and come in strips for easier install : BKE Topre Dome Replacements V2 - RGB Compatible – Keyclack

The discontinued ones are the V1 individual ones.


Doh! I didn’t even notice that until now, thank you. This would hopefully make the installation process a lot less tedious. Maybe this is a placeholder listing, as I never saw an announcement and all variants/quantities are out of stock?

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Was just thinking about changing out the domes on my RGB. Looks like all the V2’s are out of stock…bugger.

I just got a reply that they should be back in stock in a few weeks.

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Perfect! I’ll just hold out for those and see if it’s nearly as bad in the HHKB as it was in the FC980C.