Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Megathread

Feel free to share any and all hobby related deals here!

Thanks and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

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Wow, That is pretty cool.

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Any sub-$100 hotswaps of any size is something I’d be interested in.

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Here’s a link to the website of the business I work for.
It’s not quite hobbyist, but it is some weird and wonderful old keyboards.
It’s running till’ the 29th.


Great deal on cream, I am going to pick some up

Use code “PewPewLaser” bring the price of gmk Laser Cyberdeck down to $80


Durock stabilizers are a few dollars off their normal prices at 1UP Keyboards. Note that they have both v1 and v2 as well as plate-mount Durock so double-check the listing before ordering.

Invokeys has Durock V2 stabilizers for even less: Accessories – Invokeys Co.


That’s a good deal! If you don’t need both spacebar stabilizer wires, Invokeys still comes out less than 1UP with shipping.

I actually ended up ordering from Prime Keyboards because I liked their option to get the v2s with smokey clear housings with black wires and hardware.

NovelKeys_ stabs are about half-off. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I just got two!

Edited the title for Cyber Monday :slight_smile:

FWIW, this week I’m offering two in-stock items at 35% off (i.e., that can ship before Christmas): the Keybrief TKL (fits all of my housings and most other keyboards), and the Keyring with the code NOEL at checkout. They’re both fully made in the USA and make nice fancy gifts for fellow keyboard nerds. :slight_smile:


Any good stabilizer deals available?

Novelkeys has their in house stabs half off & PrimeKB got V1 Durocks pretty cheap.


@Manofinterests Everglide V2 stabilizers are on sale at Drop ($25 $19). I like these for >TKL builds, because the pack comes with 8 pairs of stabs.

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Product: K68SE (DIERYA store)
Product link:
Social media link: Page Not Found
Discount: 50% off
Original price: 39.69
Price after discount: 19.85
Start time: 2023-11-30 05:00 PST
End time: 2023-12-10 23:59PST
Code: 50TV147V