Black Lotus issues (it's not just me)

You might remember from my previous posts that I experienced a chirping with my Black Lotus switches that was only fixed by lubing them. I reached out to Divinikey about the problem and I got this back today.

Hi Reece,

Thanks for reaching out to us and our sincerest apologies for the delayed response! I effectively manage tickets on my own and had taken some time off as my wife and I welcomed our second son. In my absence our team tried their best to reply to tickets, but was obviously unable to get back to everyone. Now that I am back I am working diligently to go through the ticket queue. This is the reason for the massive delay in getting back to you. Normally I would have responded within 2-3 days tops. We’re not trying to make excuses for anything, but would like to provide some context.

Personally I have had issues with my 2 packs of Black Lotus switches as well and have brought up the issue to Carl, one of the co-owners. He is going to reach out to Durock/JWK to see if they have heard anything else. Looking through the tickets there is 1 other person who has reported issues as well. I will provide an update as soon as we hear from Durock.

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Mine have been good so far, after a week of work/gaming. Just using them out of the box. How long til yours starting acting up?

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They had issues from the start. It’s just a high pitched chirp that you can hear occasionally while typing normally. Once you hear it, you can make it happen by pressing down and rocking the switch.


I don’t know if the issue was ever addressed. But I see they might be using the same molds for the recolors for these Hamani Dango switches. They sure appear similar.