BM16A rgb

Hi, so I just purchased the BM16A, I have the under glow rgb on, but I notice it does not turn off when I put my computer to sleep or shut down. I opened via and there does not seem to be be an advanced setting to adjust when the rgb turns off. Is this something I may have to configure through another program?

I am curious too. Most of my RGB keyboards don’t shut off, unless they’re running their own firmware, but I’ve heard it’s possible with QMK. I’ve just not stumbled on the how even in their manual.

I think I added this line in my bm60 config.h to get rgb to be off when my computer is sleeping

define LED_DISABLE_WHEN_USB_SUSPENDED // turn off effects when suspended

Found it here: QMK Firmware


I’ll try it out, Thanks!

Yeah, I pretty much end up setting a bunch of flags like this in QMK even when I’m planning to do layer configuration in VIA, since they need to be set prior to compilation and—for whatever reason—the hex files on the VIA website for pretty much any board are all set up in ways I don’t expect/want.

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