Board of Trustees Meeting Stat

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Please remove Keeb from the title of the website. Please, gahd. Just do it. Anything but Keeb.

  2. I’ma need a Dark Theme for this place 'cause the white is seering holes into my eyes.

  3. I’ma really miss gif (limited in size) avatars. I need gif avatars and prominent avatar display if I am ever going to be able to take my pants off in this place.

I’m sure you’ll figure out the style and format here as time goes on, but please… Consider removing Keeb from the title.

Thank you, love you.


If you go in account preferences there’s a dark theme.

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I miss you, hru?

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Very lit. It does take me a good 10 minutes to open my preferences as the site seems under heavy load. I’ll explore more when it’s less active here.

I’m okay. Just moved house. Almost done unpacking and cleaning all the cat piss left from the previous tenants. Pray for me. How’s life over there?

darkmode is good for the eyes. :pray:, pls. PLZ.

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No avatar gif, please no. They are awful!


It’s Kee B Talk. Like a B side talk about Keys that we use on our keyboards. Just read it like that and all will be fine.

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As far as the gif or large avatars go, I just think it adds to the campiness of a forum. I like campy shit. A lot. And for a place with a name as cringe-goof’d as KeebTalk this place is decidedly uncampy af. I’m all for a clean kb, but this site lookin’ more sterile than a suburban meth head’s kitchen counter. I dunno. ResidentSleeper

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excuse me?

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hahahaha :joy: