Boba U4

Well, honestly, I am new to the Durock Medium tactiles, but they do present a pretty noticeable top-loaded bump when used in T1 housings with 62+ springs.

The Cherry MX Clear stem should present a somewhat more traditional feel, with a little bit of pre-travel before the bump, and actuation after the tactile peak or bump concludes. You can get away with 60 Long / 62 G springs, but 65 is probably better.

Aliaz has the most minimal tactility, it is almost a linear, and the actuation is pretty far down in the switch, so I doubt you will like those much. [They are pretty tactile in T1 housings, though, so maybe it’s worth trying - a decent bump and hopefully the actuation point isn’t too low.]

Edit: the stock Durock Medium Tactiles are a sharper, somewhat more poppy tactile than MX Brown. So if you were to try something like a RARA V2 or Penguin with a 63.5 G spring, it might be enough bump for you and you might not need to bottom out. They’re sharper Ergo Clears if built properly. But, again, the T1 housing will give you a more noticeable bump with those stems.

I see. I am able to get RARA V2 quite easily as iLumkb sells those. But Penguin switches are very expensive when it includes shipping to SEA, unfortunately. Seems like they’re all Ergo Clear-like stems. I’ve seen the force curve graphs in Twilight GB GH thread. It looks really promising!

I might just try out Durock Medium Tactile stems instead. Is it ok if I use their 67g springs?

Yes, RARA V2 is the right kind. All of these “Durock Medium Tactile” stems were often called “RARA stems,” because that was the first of its kind to become popular in the West.

If Penguins are expensive, it is best just to get RARA instead.

As for Durock Medium Tactile, the stems should be the right ones. But the 67 G springs may be too much. I have Taro Ball, which is 65 G, and I find that the spring weight reduces the tactility a bit. 63.5 G is better for the stem in a Medium Tactile housing IMHO. Although, in a T1 housing, you might want to use those 67 G springs.

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Hi, just to update. I think I’ve found the perfect tactility for me. I’ve been using Akko CS Ocean Blue and it’s perfect. Bump starts at the top and less tactile than Boba U4t. Its tactility is slightly less tactile than medium tactiles like Outemu Sky.

However, even after lubing, I can hear the leaf ping but not noticeable when I’m at typing distance. You can see its review from recent video by Shoobs!

I have their (Akko) new CS Lavender Purple coming in and based on their force graph, the actuation point is right after the bump which is sooner than this CS Ocean Blue. Gonna try it out and will feedback here if there’s anything interesting about it!

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What I find really funny is how inconsistent those sound in sound tests.

I had to decide between boba 4U silent and alpaca silent and somehow all videos
I watched the bobas sounded loud compared to the alpacas

I can confirm that Boba U4 are indeed louder. I didn’t have Silent Alpacas to compare against, but I had the following:

  • Boba U4 62g
  • Niz EC 45g
  • Aliaz 60g in Cherry Black housings

The Boba U4 was about the same loudness as the Niz EC which isn’t particularly loud, but definitely not silent. It still gives an audible but nice “thud” sound. The Aliaz on the other hand are whisper quiet and leagues softer than the Boba U4. I would expect the Silent Alpacas to be similar to or quieter than the Aliaz

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Anyone try lighter springs than 55g in these? I ordered the 62g versions but I have been really enjoying lighter springs in my switches. I just ordered 40g and 50g Sprit Supreme springs. Hoping one of those two weights might work. Maybe I should hurry and order 55g just in case the other two don’t work. I will be lubing the bottom housing per Boba recommendations with 3203 and will more than likely bag lube the springs with Hoppes No9 oil, as that has worked well on all my other switches.

Yeah, I just couldn’t get into the Ocean Blue, they felt kind of “dead” to me. I don’t know, there was force and weight but they didn’t have a characteristic tactile feel to me.

So it would be interesting to know about the Lavender. I thought they were just heavier Blues, but maybe not. I almost ordered some to test.

@SargentRedbeard 55 Spirit should work fine, upstroke may be a little weak. Somewhere around 55 G Large or 57 G was determined here to be the ideal light weight for these, I think.

Going lower, I think I got U4 and U4T working at 52 G using OUTEMU springs by putting the stems in the Bobagum linear housing, although that will give you less tactility of course.

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