Box red are pretty nice

So I’m trying out some Kailh Box Red switches (retooled) today. I like them. For a stock linear, I would rate them very high on my list of favorites. I feel like the spring is close to cherry red but just a tad heavier. They are fairly smooth, and I enjoy the typing sound.

No definite news on the retooled stem yet. I tried the same keycap on 5 different box red switches (GMK Led Zep ISO slash key). I pressed the key several hundred times and removed/remounted it twice on each switch. No cracks or stress marks. I’ll keep an eye on it though.


Thanks for the report on both the feel of the Box reds and addressing the stem issue via testing.

I opened a thread yesterday on reddit on clicky switch recommendations, and I was fairly hesitant on actually considering using v2 Box Navies or Jades for fear of what it would do to resale value. Then I thought about the fact that I own a grand total of two GMK sets, and I shouldn’t be worrying (that much) about resale value. So Navies it is when they are restocked at Novelkeys.

Given the fact I won’t have the switches until November, I’ll keep my eye out on stem report issues in the hope the reports are as positive as yours.

Too bad BOX switches don’t have 4mm travel.

if you are worried and want navies, get the non box version of them.

It’s not that big of a deal, my linearised pale blues feel like they have the most travel of any linear switch I’ve tried, even when compared to MX Silents and a bunch of other linears at a meetup.

I do not feel the reduction in travel. I know it’s there, but I don’t really feel it.

Pro Light Green? Speed Gold or Bronze? What switch are you referring to?


First, thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Given the word speed in the switch title, I am assuming (probably incorrectly) that the switch activates at ‘speed’ specs (1.4mm travel-ish), but has the thicker click bar and spring of a Navy. Interesting option and one I will consider.