Box Royal duds: Quality control or caused by lube?

I really like Box Royals and I recently built a 60% custom with them (lubed with Krytox 207) and I’ve had 5 dud switches. 4 worked intermittently and 1 had chattering issues. This is way higher than normal failure rate.

Anyone else been experiencing quality issues with Box Royals? Could it be because of the lube? Since the switch contact is in a separate compartment from the slider I would think that lube wouldn’t cause any issues. Plus Krytox 207 is a thick grease so it doesn’t migrate.

I have heard of some issues with bouncing on the box reds. I don’t know for sure if that’s a current issue still, but it’s a possibility that it’s a similar issue here.

not heard about issues with box royals specifically but the earlier revisions of the box switches had a fair few issues.

Maybe @mgsickler can weigh in?

Basically all of my BOX Browns have chatter/work intermittently but they came out before the fix to the switches so I don’t know how relevant that is to your problem.

I havent had any issues with chattering on mine. Earlier BOX switches had a little bit of that, but they fixed those issues. Not sure why so many would be dead on these either. BOX switches are a little finicky if you dont put them back together perfectly.

Out of a keyboard of 87 Royals I had 3 that had chatter.

When did you buy your Royals? My BOX Navies are all fine on my TKL and I just bought them last month from YMDK through Aliexpress.

Bought mine in May I think, so it wasn’t too long ago. I’m not sure when issues were fixed.