Hello hello, Keebtalk friends - I’ve published a new article to my site, this time comparing three different variants of the brown BOX switches, alongside Royals and Creams.



I’m aiming for some kind of significant update at least once every seven days, whether it be an article, some photos, or some polish to the styling. I love to write but I’m still pretty new to this space, so I’d love any feedback you might have. Thanks for taking a look - I hope you guys have a great week.


Super interesting read and learned a lot about BOX switches! Keep it up!


Thanks for writing this! As someone who regularly types on ART BOX Browns, I find this very interesting.

Maybe the next step is to see how these take to lubing. I see people lubing BOX Browns with 205g0!

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I will definitely be posting a more in-depth look at this, but I do have some observations on it here.

I’d also really like to get my hands on a way to do detailed force curve graphs, as those are also useful for giving a visual to “scratchiness” - one thing I didn’t note in the article but that I did perceive with the switches I have is that the Art Boxes do seem slightly more scratchy in the hand when I’m really paying attention to them, but I can’t tell any difference when typing. I wonder if this does come down to the big blob of lube on the normal Boxes vs the thinner application on the Arts. I’d like to confirm or rule this out with some kind of data - and maybe even find a line to draw between “texture” and “scratch” - ha!

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the confirmation has been enhanced to an assertion.

This among other little stylistic tidbits were very enjoyable to me. Great writeup, I’m excited for more in the future.