Brass Vs PC base sound test

I’m not expecting this one to be overly useful to most but it’s an interesting comparison (to me :slight_smile: ) and does demonstrate how materials outside of the plate can effect the sound of a board.

Mechmini 2 with Vintage blacks and Gateron milky tops lubed with 104, sprit 65g springs lubed with 106.

The first is an all brass base I had machined, the second the original PC base from the GB. The board is using a 1.5mm fixed brass plate from laserboost.

I think the difference largely speaks for itself and is as expected. Kind of annoyingly I prefer the original however.

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That spacebar with the polycarb bottom sounds just lovly. :slight_smile:
And it is relevant for people because it might affect which boards they
will consider apart from the design aspect.

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That was the hope :slight_smile: