Breaking In Switches

Which switches can be broken in? I’m looking to invest in a machine, but don’t exactly know which switches to buy to use in them. Also, what exactly in breaking in switches, such as what happens to it? Thanks!

Most common switches you can break in are:

  • NK Creams, which are horribly scratchy stock and really benefit from breaking in
  • MX Blacks, also quite scratchy
  • MX Browns, which are actually quite a bit better with a few actuations on them
  • MX Blues/Greens, which are significantly improved with breaking in

When breaking in switches, the slider rubs on the housing and simulates years of wear, creating a smoother feel like vintage switches.

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Thank you! I don’t think I’ll use MX Browns, for obvious reasons. Though, I will use this!

Personally, I used to break in switches but don’t do so now. I’ve embraced a bit of audible scratch and actually prefer it. Hence, I added non-broken in cherry tops to my meteor whites.

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Hah, same!

I recently got a Cherry M9 typewriter keyboard which has A LOT of audible scratch, and I’ve grown to love it.

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I had about 10 different tactile switches run through a break-in machine this year.

It took maybe 320,000 actuations to start seeing maybe some smoothing on the Cherry switches.

The most notable improvement, for me, was SP Star Duck. They did become smoother and maybe clackier. However, they also became dry from the break-in, and would need to be lubed.

Another switch that saw noticeable change was BOX Brown. They seemed smoother, and less-tactile. They became extremely dry, though, and would need to be re-lubed.