Budget hot-swappable 75% pcb's under 40-50$

Hi, i’m looking for a cheap 75% percent hot-swappable pcb because i’m building a custom 75% lego case (kbdcraft.store doesn’t have a 75% option). If you can find one, it would appreciated.

This really seems like job for mechmarket, but you might find something. I saw this on AliExpress, but I won’t vouch for it. If you can live without QMK/VIA and you’re willing to go with 3-pin switches, you can find entire hotswap 75% gamer boards on Amazon for under $30, and they will of course have PCBs. Not sure I would go plateless on a hotswap build though, and some of those will have steel plates that may even wrap around to form the case.

Hopefully someone will come along with a better solution.

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