Build Tool Organizer

Inspired by Mythbuser’s Adam Savage “First order of Retrievability”.

I am disorganized by nature, based viewing several different build streamers I don’t think I am alone :). This organizer was built with spaded drill bits and an inexpensive 2x4. It allows for quick access to most of what I need for a build. Ideally preventing me from just putting tools back on the desk/workspace lying down.

To make it I took the tools and put them in clumps of Play-Doh until I found the right place that worked for all the items. (I wish I took a picture of that part :frowning:)

Yes, this is totally unnecessary I can’t justify this for the number of builds I do but I like making things!!

(Also note I am left handed so it is probably backwards to you right handed folks)

In a few days I will clear coat it to give it some protection and shine!


Optimizing your workflow. I like it.