Building in Plastic cases

Hey all,
How many of you guys have built in a plastic case before? I’m looking to build in a transparent plastic case (most likely something like this) for my next hand-wired project, but I’m a little nervous because I’ve always built in aluminum cases. Plastic seems flimsy and I’m a little afraid of cracking it.
Also: unrelated, but also related: how do you go about screwing in JUST a plate to a case? There won’t be a PCB to mount into the case so would you just screw in the screws?


That’s a tray mount case, so it is designed for the PCB to be screwed into it, not the plate. You would likely need to rig something up to make it work.

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Just get screws that are the same thread size with a bigger head. That what’s I did for a switch tester not too long back & it held the plate in fine. The cases you’re looking at are pretty flimsy & not the best. I’d honestly look into a 60% acrylic Tofu case on KBDfans. Definitely gonna be a good bit more pricey, but would be well worth it for a better end product IMO. If the acrylic tofu is too much maybe look into acrylic sandwich cases. Either will perform much better than those cheap molded cases.

Yeah, I’ve seen this one a handful of times. My problem is that I’m looking for a 65% if possible, and the main reason I’m going with plastic is because I want to be able to see the wires underneath. I reached out to Sentraq about their acrylic sandwich 65% case because that’d most likely fit what I want, unless you guys have other recommendations for similar cases.

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That sounds like what you’re looking for

Actually the Sentraq sandwich cases have thin alum sheets for the bottom & an acrylic middle layer to expose any leds. Also sentraq has been real flaky sending order out lately from what I’ve heard. I know there is a alum 65% tofu case, not sure if they ever made an acrylic or polycarb.

I had a clear acrylic sandwhich clueboard a while ago, it doesn’t look they sandwhich cases right now though; that was my next suggestion.

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