[Bulk] Lubed switches and Lubed frankenswitches

Timestamp last update (8/11/2023)
Hello, I am based in the United States and am trying to sell lubed switches and lubed frankenswitches. As of now I only ship to the United States. My method is as follows:

  • Stems are hand brushed lubed with Krytox 205g0
  • Springs are bag lubed with GPL 105
  • If the switches are filmed it will say
  • All switches are new and unused besides being tested for quality and opening them for the lubing process

Lubed Switches
3 sets of 70 Durock POM Linear, Deskey filmed. Asking $60 shipped.
3 sets of 70 Gateron Box Ink Pink, Deskey filmed. Asking $70 shipped.
1 sets of 70 Gateron CJ Linears, Deskey filmed. Asking $60 shipped.
1 set of 70 Gateron Ink Black V2s, Deskey filmed. Asking $70 shipped.

Lubed Frankenswitches
1 set of 70 Cherry-Boba frankenswitches, unfilmed. It is a cherry hyperglide black switch with a boba u4 top housing. Asking $30 shipped.

If you have any questions feel free to message me. Thank you!