C3 tangerines shipping soon?

looks like they are shipping soon. I got a partial refund on shipping bc I ordered in two transactions. Looking forward to trying out something new

Yup! Got a notification that shipping starts today. I’m pretty excited to try them out. With the two ‘custom’ gat switches I’ve tried, revo whites and exclusives), I think he priced them a bit high.

Speak of the devil I just got my tracking number while writing this post!

I think these just might go in my canoe.

I’m happy to report I successfully removed the Hako True switches from my MAO Canoe without burning anything! Woohoo. It’s such a relief to have them out of there. I had never actually checked how many of my nautilus caps were broken. Sadly about 1/3 of them have cracks of some sort. They still fit on normal switches but rather loosely.

I loved nautilus on my canoe, but it felt stifling to know I couldn’t change them out without sacrificing another set on my box switches.

My favorite switches are gateron blacks, and I’ve recently found how amazing they sound when lubed. I’m hoping these switches will be somewhere close in feel and sound. If so, they have a Canoe to hop into.

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Good call, I haven’t decided yet where I’ll be using these. I’m thinking maybe in my COD67 :thinking:

I mean I’m pretty interested in how these will turn out, but I already have a set of default expectations due to my experience with other gateron switches of this kind (the let’s color the stem and put a fancy spring weight kind).

I got 110 of each weight, so I’m not sure which ones will be going in the COD67 and which ones will be going elsewhere just yet. Hmm

same here im excited.

Any clue what keyboard you’re gonna throw 'em in?

I’ve had a pack of these since the mini-GB. I haven’t had a chance to build with them, but they sounded pretty nice in my tester. I preferred them over retooled blacks. Who knows what they will sound like in a board though!

I’ve been planing on putting them in the Keycult No. 1…if it ever ships…

Supposably it’ll ship soon :eyes: Didn’t Oco put out an update saying they’ll be shipping without the fancy boxes that they said they were delaying the shipping for?

Supposably it’ll ship soon

Yeah, around a week ago, we got an update saying they will ship immediately after doing a refund + re-invoice, but the boxes will still be available once they get them.

So they say at least lol. Still waiting for them to do anything.

im not 100% sure, have a few boards on the way so could be anything, almost want to try them in my kira but ill do a test run of how i like them first in my Matrix Lab Abel that i hot swapped.

Got them today. They are nice, for sure. Very similar in sound and feel to stock Gateron linears. Maybe slightly smoother, but definitely better acoustics.

The spring weight surprised me. I guess 62 and 67 are bottom out weights. So it’s more like 45g and 55g actuation force.

Black bottom springs feel slightly lighter than Gateron blacks (50g). Milky bottoms springs feel significantly lighter to me. A bit of a dead spring feeling that I don’t usually care for.

I’ll try them both out on hot swap boards for a week or two before I make a final decision, but I expect they will be soldered in something eventually.

Also. I plan to lube with trybosis eventually. I don’t think they need much though.

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Also, it’s really hard to feel or hear a difference between the two housings. So if you only got one, you’re not missing out on anything of significance.

just got mine today, and i would agree theres really no difference in the housing i got bolth.

thinking im going to try putting some true 67g springs in these and see if i like them a little more the 62s are kind of light for me but maybe ill like them after i try them stock first.

man, these 62g ones are just too light for me. I’ve gone day with them, but I just can’t get used to it. Maybe it’s just in my head, but I can’t seem to type on springs this light.

My tracking says they got delivered yay!

Don’t know what I’ll be building with them just yet though :thinking:

I can’t really do any keyboard building until after Wednesday though so I’ll have plently of time to think