[CA-MB] [H] Acrylic Pearl and SA Mitolet [W] PayPal


For sale is a Koobaczech Pearl 40% with 78g R11 Zilent switches lubed with Tribosys 3203, magenta LEDs and clipped and lubed Cherry stabilizers. The case is a custom acrylic from Jordi Olimon and you can swap the top with either the purple or cyan colours.

The cable which is included is from Badger Cables.

The keycaps for sale are SA Mitolet. They’ve been used off and on very lightly and have not developed any shine that I can detect.

The keycaps will only be for sale if the Pearl sells or if purchased together.

Bundle Price for Pearl (including USB cable) and SA Mitolet: $350 + Shipping

Pearl (Including USB Cable): $200 + Shipping

SA Mitolet: $170 + Shipping

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The board is still available and I’ve lowered the price to $200.