[CA-MB][H] E-White Leaf60, Top Clack Navy M6-A Macropad (1 of 4) [W] PayPal


I was recently let go from my job so I’m trying to free up some funds by selling a few items. I’m offering an e-white Leaf60 in good condition aside from a scratch in the top centre edge of the case (documented in photos in timestamp link) and a navy brass M6-A that I had won from Top Clack.

Leaf60 Details

e-white finish with clear polycarbonate plate, 1 hotswap PCB, Zeal Zilent switches (lubed with Tribosys 3203 and 106 on the springs), and ePBT Transparent Stabilizers with gold wires. Includes original box and packaging along with a coiled white USB-C to USB-A cable.

There is a small scratch in the top centre edge of the case. It is not very visible when looked at straight-on but it needs to be documented and there are images in the timestamp that show clearly where the scratch is and multiple angles. I am happy to provide more images if requested.

Asking: $450 USD Shipped to CONUS/Canada with switches or $420 USD without switches. (Sold)

M6-A Details

Brass with navy blue mirror-polished finish. This is a special edition of only 4 that were ever made in this colour. I originally won this from a Top Clack giveaway. The M6-A comes with original DSA keycaps, BOX white switches, cable, reset pin pusher, polishing cloth, carrying case, and original packaging.

Asking: $225 USD shipped to CONUS/Canada (Not FCFS) (Sold)

Thanks for taking a look. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM. If you’re interested, please comment on this post before sending a PM.

I’m sorry to hear that dude, hopefully you can bounce back quickly.

I’ll take the M6-A if it’s still available.

People posting on here is dangerous :thinking: I’m gonna end up with a bunch of stuff I didn’t know I didn’t need.

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Thanks for the kind words. It is still available and I’d be very happy to send it your way! I’ll PM you in a moment.

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Sorry my dude. Hopefully the unemployment doesn’t cramp your style too much. Leaf 60 looks awesome. I’m actually typing on a yellow one right now. I’m sure it will be snatched up fast.


Sorry to hear that you’ve been hit with some hard times, but I’m sure you’ll rebound better than ever before :slight_smile:

I hope y’all are paying attention to that leaf60 because that’s not too shabby right there with it all built up!

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Thanks a bunch. It is a very nice board! Hoping the sale of these will help to prevent any cramping :joy:

Thanks friend. I’m trying to stay positive and see it as an opportunity!


Sorry to hear that :frowning:

I cross the fingers for you to quickly find an even better job than before.

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