[CA-MB] [H] Pearl 40% Keyboard w/ extras [W] PayPal


I’m finding myself not using my Pearl much these days and thought it might suit someone else better!

For sale is a powder-coated black Pearl with extra rose gold top


  • powder coated black top and bottom case
  • rose gold top case
  • 1 PCB with millmax sockets installed for full spacebar (see photos for layout)
  • 1 PCB built with Cherry MX Silent Black Switches (Cherry MX Red springs) split spacebar layout and cyan aluminum plate. Magenta switch LEDs installed.
  • grey aluminum plate
  • extra diffuser

SOLD for $450 USD shipped


Dang dude that’s sick! If I could realistically be productive with 40% I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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What was the original color before the powder coat? Also very tempted.

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It was originally purple! But I wanted to pair it with SA Pulse and didn’t like the shade of purple. It didn’t match anything imo.

Hey all, thanks for your interest. This board has sold!