CA66 Round 2 - 66% Custom Keyboard Kit

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I missed round one (international), and let me tell you, I will not be missing round two. I’m so excited for this GB and thought others might like to know that it’s gone live.

GB runs to September 5 so don’t forget!

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I am also participating in this group buy. Still haven’t decided on color.

Do you have any keycaps you’d pair it with?

No, not yet. Have SA Pulse coming later this year, but they are going on another board.

However, I think the CA66 im white would look stunning.

White would look really nice and is only being offered this round so it would be more unique. It would pair well with so many sets too so I fully support that choice!

I would like to participate in the GB, but lately I have made many purchases, I am undecided. However I was aiming for dark red.

KMK Labs

Heh I feel like this summer has been particularly busy with GBs so it’s hard to save for all of them!