Campaign against "1.5 |\"

Do you use the \| symbols on your keyboard?
Do you use them so much that they demand a 1.5 width key to access them?

If you’re a Linux user, you also use ~´ …and probably pretty much the same amount as the \|. Do you have a 1.5 width key for those?

In a 65% or smaller layout, we often get the 1.5 \| and no ~´ at all!

I would like all keyboard designers to think very carefully about that little wasted space used by a large \| … it’s all laziness caused by picking a 1.5 for the Tab key, isn’t it? :-p You have to put something on there, and everyone else puts \| on it, so …

Stop it!

Make that 1.5 key the backspace, and then cast your eyes on the 2 width backspace above it, split that one in half and restore \| and ~´ to their rightful places, in easy reach!


It’s not the designers you need to convince.

It’s the users :sweat_smile:


I mean you are describing a “split backspace” layout, which is often a layout option (especially on soldered PCBs) and often the only choice on HHKB-like boards.


It’s also the one used for the Whitefox from Input.Club, but they’re basically unavailable these days sadly.

I’m voting with my wallet from now on then … If it has a 1.5 \| and no tilde/backquote, I’m not buying it. No-one will notice my attempt at market manipulation :slight_smile:

I do have a Drop Alt, which has an extra key to the right of the \\| that I have remapped, so it isn’t as if I can’t use alternatives. It’s just that thinking about it, I can’t see any reason for that \| to be granted such a big key and I think it’s just some form of design inertia that needs to be given a kick.

Most custom PCBs support split backspace which gives you the keys you need as dedicated buttons. And in fact they’re getting more and more commonplace as well, not just in custom PCBs


Grins smugly in ISO. Then remembers how poorly ISO is served by the mech keyboard market, and cries.


I had a Nasty ISO rubberdome keyboard at work for ~5 years which had 2 \ keys! One snuggled into the ISO enter key, and one beside the left shift.

I can’t be doing ISO (enter is too small horizontally) but I’d love to buy a basically ANSI keyboard which had the split left-shift & \ keys, since my muscle memory still whacks the left shift every once in a while when I want a backslash.

Split backspace gang gang!


I personally use split backspace as well. I’m split between the two, however.

I love making jokes about my username


If we’re adding fuel to the preference fire, I’ll throw in mine for Delete being the second key on a split backspace. For my needs, I use that WAY more than I ever would a tilde or back quote so I put that on a layer (assuming I remember to - that’s how little I use it).

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I agree 1.5u is dumb. I’d make it 2.5 and get rid of q, cause fuck q.


I think we should make the pipe key double-stepped. Not for any practical reason, double-stepped caps just look cool :smirk:


I used to be up in arms about this but have settled for a meh approach after i missed so many things because of one key

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I wish I could use a layout with a BAE, 2U backspace and full shifts, I ever use " | ".

I don’t need a special keyboard, just give me a keycap that matches ANSI.


Split backspace is IT


Already was doing it every time possible and now making bespoke keeb with split BS fixed, although I’m not frequent tilde user (Fn+Esc is enough for it).