Can i fix this by myself?


Hi guys,

might be a stupid question, i don’t know, didn’t happen to me before.
I got my Tokyo 60 today, but the USB port fell off right away :frowning:

Trying to (re)solder, … ? Of course i’ve opened a support ticket for exchange, but that might be a couple of weeks to take.

Ty for your help and have a nice weekend


It looks like one of the USB pads (second one from the left on the USB jack in the photo, second from the right on the PCB) lifted off the PCB, so if you can fix it at all, it’s going to be harder than just soldering the pins to the pads.

It still shocks me when I see USB pinouts that don’t have through-hole mounts on the sides.


Good news is, that pin that pulled off is the unused sense pin, so you don’t have to worry about reattaching it. You should be able to glue the mounting pads back on, and reflowing the other pins could be a challenge but should definitely be possible.


Ty for your answers, going to see what Massdrop is going to do.