Can I use 55g (or even less) weighted springs with my Healios V2?

I just recently build a new board using Healio V2 switches on a DZ60 hot-swap board.

I already applied Krytox GPL 205 G0 to the stems and the housings and also decided to go with switch films from Deskeys. Even though I’m very satisfied with the sound and feel so far I’d really like those switches to be a little lighter.

When I read on this topic I found that some Zeal switches need a minimum spring weight so that the stem comes back after pressing.

I’d like to go with 55g or even less.

Has someone here already experiences replacing the springs in Zeal switches - especially Healios?

From what I saw those springs by SPRiT design have quite a good reputation. Can you recommend them?

Is there anything else I should know before buying 55g springs and replace them in my switches?

Sorry, if those questions sound dumb but I’m new to this switch-modification-thing. :see_no_evil:


Yeah you should be able to use 55g springs in your Healios.

As your spring weight gets lighter, you’ll “feel” the lube a bit more. Overall it’s not a huge issue depending on how you lubed your switches.

Typically the issue with lighter springs in switches come into play when trying to put light springs into tactile switches as the spring force might not return the stem past the tactile event.

You should be fine just doing an easy peasy lemon squeezy spring swap. In fact I recommend it as I typically find the Zeal springs need a bit of work since they can be a bit pingy; although you can avoid that by simply spring swapping (lubing springs as you spring swap ain’t a bad call though).


Thanks for your fast reply! :hugs:

I just ordered some DUROCK 55g springs. Let’s see how it will work out.

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Yup. The bump on the Healios is not on the stem legs but on the price tag. ;-p


Ive gone as low as 50g on Healios. Works like a charm.