Can Keychron K4 Pro thoc?

Hello all! I recently purchased my first mech keyboard, Keychron K4 Pro. I have done various mods to it, inclusing pe foam mod, tape mod, and put foam in the bottom of the case. I am also using Kailh Box White switches. I love the switches but after watching a bunch of Youtube videos, I want my keyboard to THOC!!! What mods/switches/keycaps do I need to use in order to make it really thoc? Thanks so much!

I believe switches that are considered thocky are usually either linear or tactile switches, and there are long lists of options for each. To help narrow it down a bit - are you looking for linear or tactile switches? Also, do you intend to open each switch to tune them (lube, applying films, swapping springs) or are you looking for switches that you can just install and use as is?

I am open to either linear or tactile, whichever will provide that thoc sound. I don’t mind lubing my switches, but don’t know much about doing anything else with them. Do the mods ive done on the K4 play well together, meaning one doesnt “cancel out” another?

Personally, I am looking for tacticles switches.

I put one together for a family member. With Gateron Reds it thocks quite satisfyingly.

Did you do any mods or was it stock?

Pretty much stock apart from foam fill in the spacebar.