Can someone please tell where the heck is gaf caps maker?

Gaf caps are one of the most popular and rare artisans. The reason is just because the caps the maker made was near perfection and look so good. Sadly the last post for gaf caps artisans on Instagram was 83 weeks ago. Many people are sad since they can’t get a hold of these artisan. While some people are just happy so they could sale it for 2.8k.


I mean wth that’s a lot of money. So basically there isn’t any good way to get these artisans unless your Elon Musk. Basically wrapping it up I have some questions, Where is the maker? Is he or she ok? What happened?

This isn’t helpful at all, but people have the right to disappear from the internet.

I genuinely don’t understand what’s going on with this community anymore. $2000 for a single keycap which you never press, unbelievable.

I guess I can’t really say anything about stupid buying because I myself have spent a lot in “useless” stuff, but…2k for a single keycap. Just doesn’t make any sense to me, you can get 3 great custom keyboards for that money with cool keycap sets and nice switches to pair them with.

Back on your original question, the maker might have just taken a year or two off. Nothing bad with disappearing from the internet, unless you have unfulfilled orders and people have actually given you money (looking at MintAutumn).