Can we have a 'show and tell' category?

So far there has been threads of showing off your keyboard, but when they start piling up it will be inconvenient and its polluted when trying to look or talk about one board.

Perhaps a single category for you to post a little bit about your keyboard and talk about it?


I’d say not just one keyboard but every one, perhaps setup included, and edit whenever something changes. In a way the “introduce yourself” category might be suitable for this.

I was thinking it would be neat if your collection was on your profile and could just be linked elsewhere. It could almost act like your “inventory” of keyboards, artisans, etc. Just a thought.


@norbauer is this a possibility?

you could make a topic yourself in general.

Ignore previous post, i had tabs open and it posted on this when i was viewing something else… :blush:

This is of course subject to discussion and revision, but personally, at this point, I’ve been thinking it might be best to try to keep the number of categories from expanding too much in order to prevent new members from being overwhelmed. My take would be that if you want to keep a running list of your own collection, you can just make a self-introduction thread and keep updating the opening post and/or revise with subsequent posts over time. If you just want to share pics of keyboards or artisans or whatever, it probably makes sense to cluster pic threads in their respective categories so that people interested on those things (and thus click on those categories) will see a variety of both media- and content-rich posts on the subject when they go to find out more about it. We can always see how things play out and what the community wants, but right now at this early stage that’s my intuitive take on the question, FWIW. :blush: