Can you give me feedback on my t-shirt designs? Thanks!

Hey guys! I appreciate this is a little off-topic but I’ve made a couple “fun” keyboard centric t-shirt/hoodie designs and I was wondering if I could get any opinions on these? I would really appreciate it!

You can find them at



These are some pretty cool designs! I especially like the little force-curve one. Prices are nice and reasonable, too - don’t see that too often with keeb merch!

Edit: available in brown, you say?


Thanks! Yeah I liked that one too, I think it was my first one! I tried to keep them as low as possible.

I need to get the colours showing properly which I’ll fix tonight hopefully - some are missing.

Also - I got my first order(s)! Thank you so much to people who bought :blush:


Pretty sweet IMO! I agree with @Deadeye the force curve graph design catches my eye the most, although all the other designs are pretty cool too. If you’re gaining ground with the current products some ALPS & Topre inspired gear would probably sell well also.


I’ll look into those and see what I can come up with :slight_smile: Thanks!

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