Can you mix/match Shenpo and CRP?

I understand CRP R4 is coming to Canada soon. I was thinking of getting the Tulip alphas, and just maybe putting them on a Shenpo set.


Would this work? In terms of colour matching? Or would I have to buy CRP mods + spacebar as well?

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I thought R4 sold out in May 2021 (and still hasn’t shipped to Syruplabs)? Are there going to be extras, or will this be a R5?

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I’m guessing…

Updates from Syrup Labs say that the CRP R4 shipment arrived in Canada this month, and has to pass through customs and then be shipped by train through much of the country.

So I figure there might be some extras when it arrives.

Ideally, I would pick up a Tulip set, but that’s expensive, it would be cheaper to plug it into Shenpo. But if there are no extras in Canada, I might have to go R5. Or find a Shenpo/Xiami set with some fancy European characters on it.

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Maybe the move here is to buy a basic Shenpo set, + get in on CRP R5 for Tulip.

If there’s a cheap PBT RGB mods set somewhere, I could enhance the Shenpo set that way.

I thought I understood that they already sold what extras they were going to get, though I’m not positive. I just know I bought a couple kits during the GB from syrup then again during a short extras sale. It’s probably worth inquiring on their discord.

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It really depends on what blanks Shenpo & CRP use. AFAIK CRP, Shenpo, XIami, EnjoyPBT, etc. just do the dyesubbing & get the caps blank from China. Going back almost all higher end PBT sets used Gateron blanks, but I think Gateron stopping making blank caps. I know ePBT for sure stopped using Gateron blanks awhile back, that’s when they had the huge drop in quality & almost every set was guaranteed to come with bananas… LOL. If you can find out what blanks they use, you’ll be able to find out without having to buy them & hope they match each other.


Yeah, I remember the banana-ification of ePBT. The Gateron blanks were old-skool for them. They started to fix the problem with Grayscale and Spectrum.

I suspect CRP has its own supplier. Their keycaps feel fairly distinct, and they have a large, uniform supply of the white + beige from whoever is producing it. Shenpo might use cheaper blanks.

Certainly, CRP spacebars are often unique in their straightness, so I doubt they are from some general supply.

Anyway, like @M_er_sun says, I figure it will probably come down to Discord. I don’t remember there being ‘extras’ announcements on their e-mail.

Currently, I am buying Shenpo for my relatives, and will supplement it with these Geekark accents:


I’ll get CRP Tulip should it become available.


Yeah you do got a point about CRP using better blanks. I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on a set yet so I was taking a guess. Also for sure ePBT has tightened things up, I got Retro Cyrillic & Gok BoW which both are good other than the 7u spacebars. I would watch mixing in Geekark caps with other PBT. I only have the one Geekark Tea set Zenclack ran, but they are easily the smoothest PBT I’ve ever come across. I mean like shined ABS smooth, it definitely surprised me when I got the set. The caps were pretty nice overall though, all were straight other than the 7u spacebar which is just slightly warped. Their reverse dyesub being pretty sus would be my only big complaint with them, a lot of fading towards the bottom of the caps on the set I got.

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