Cannon Keys' Dark Amber T1s

I really don’t need any T1s.

…but I need these T1s.

I know I said somewhere sometime that I wanted keyboard parts that look like Bakelite - well. These definitely cover the switches.

Now - somebody do a whisky-colored resin case with granny-sunglasses tiger-striping and we’re in business.



I had these, they are pretty nice, better than normal t1s in term of sound and a fairly similar feel.

I’ve purchased two packs of them. I like them as much as I like the C3 Kiwi’s because I believe they’re basically the same switch. As opposed to the normal T1’s which aren’t quite as enjoyable as either the Amber or Kiwi.

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Have you found any decent frankenswitches consisting of ambers?

I’m afraid I’m not one for switch modding so I really couldn’t say.

I was considering picking these up because Kiwi’s are the closest to an “endgame” switch for me out of my collection (other than bluish whites). I read on another vendor’s website that they have some pretravel , is that true? Because my kiwis have no perceptible pre-travel to me.

I have some, but i haven’t used them in a while so i cannot remember about the pre travel, i’ll check when i can and get back to you on it.

Ambers are very much like regular T1, just some manufacturing differences.

I had samples of Amber T1 and I liked to put Gateron Orange stems in it. I think Gateron Orange is basically a lubed Gateron Brown, not sure.

Anyway, in T1 housing it becomes a sharp and abrupt Ergo Clear, but not heavy or too tactile. Use 62 G 14mm TX springs, and lube is definitely needed with T1 housings and springs for sound. Gateron Orange stem is pre-lubed.

You can also make Taliaz, which Aliaz stem. I prefer 65 G 14mm TX spring for this switch. Very poppy, soft bottom-out.

If you use a stem from Durock Medium Tactile, it makes a new tactile called Midnight. It’s like DMT, but sharper + stronger tactility. 65 G or 67 G spring for this one.

Just checked, no pretravel whatsoever.

I found another, if you take the stem from a coffee chip and chuck it in dark amber housings, it creates a better coffee chip, and is also better than both normal and amber t1s. More tactile than both (implying you use the coffee chip spring), smoother than both, a more rounded bump and a better sound. It would be a fairly expensive switch to make, with all the parts needed adding up to around 1.3/1.4$ a switch.