Case for big-switch with "the board" pcb?

I have a bunch of the Novelkeys x Kailh Big Switch laying around and wanted to make some sort of lamp-gadget out of a few of them. I found that I had a few of the PCBs from “The Board” on stock (the simple ones that pretty much just have the switch mount, single led mount and pro micro mount). Now I am looking for a case for this combo but havent been able to find anything. So does anyone know if such a case exists? it could “just” be an acrylic layered case or similar.

I have seen the ones from wood.keys and StrataKB but I was hoping to find a cheaper solution (alternatively I would have to go with one of the more advanced PCBs with RGB etc)

There is this:


I think he said he was looking for cases, not PCBs :sweat_smile: In fact, he already has some of the second ones you listed. I have not heard of a case specifically for the Keebio/The Board PCBs. I believe they designed it so you use two of these PCBs with standoffs to make a “case”, or at least a stand, for your Big Switch, though. But I suppose you already knew that :slight_smile:

Edit Bah, didn’t see you had already looked at Strata KB … so far, they’re the cheapest I’ve found …

Strata KB Big Switch Plates

thanks. Yeah I already have the switch + PCBs - I need some nice middle layers or alternative case within a reasonable price. Cheapest I found so far is StrataKB where it is $50 + shipping…and I am not even sure it will fit my pcb.