Case height dimensions of the Ikki68 vs. the Akko ACR Pro 68

Currently, I have an Akko ACR Pro 68 on my desk, but I find it to be ridiculously high. In my opinion, it is more a sound box than a keyboard and one could easily mill 5 mm off its bottom. It does sound nicely thocky though, once I filled it with felt. I left the felt sticker paper on, touching the PCB as a kind of tape mod.

Anyhow, I probably got too accustomed to the flatness of my Qisan Magicforce 68.
I know, one could get a palm/wrist rest for the Akko ACR, but I do not want that on my desk.

All this got me lurking at Wuque Studio’s Ikki68, which at least on photo does seem a tad lower in height than the Akko ACR Pro 68. Also, keycaps on the Ikki68 seem to be recessed deeper into the case. However, pictures can be deceiving and Wuque Studio does not publish any dimensions. Hence;

Could a good soul measure the height from the desk in millimetres of the Ikki68 case, both at the front and back?

Thanks a lot in advance. I want to make sure not to order something as high as the Akko ACR Pro.

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I show about 21mm in the front and 35mm in the back


@pixelpusher Thank you! That is exactly what I needed to know.

From your pictures, it does seem that the keycaps are more recessed than with the Akko ACR Pro. Perhaps, someone owning both keyboards could confirm this?

Compare this to the Akko ACR Pro 68:

  • front height: 24.5 mm
  • rear height with default feet: 31 mm
  • rear height with fully collapsed stick-on feet against the rear edge: 39 mm (or more!)

The mere fact that Akko supplies add-on feet in the box seems to indicate they must be aware their slope design has room for improvement.

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Believe it or not, some people prefer a steep angle. It’s bonkers to me.