Cassette Futura Cases - Grey, Orange, Glow, Mint, Aqua, Lavender and More!

I listed some new colors of the Cassette Futura Cases on my website for anyone interested in a 60% case that is inspired by the Model F Kishsaver bezels.

I’ll add more colors if these are popular, I’ve had a request for a darker grey which will be on the list to print.


@keyboardbelle will these work with the XD75, by chance? Thanks in advance.

From another user that tested it, it will fit, but only the side screws and one of the bottom screws will fit the XD75 PCB.

I guess the PCB has three shared risers with a standard 60%

Here’s a link from the other user as to the XD75 fit:

I’m not sure if the extra risers would get in the way, but they’re brass heat inserts and PLA, so it shouldn’t be too hard to remove. I would think putting an M2 screw in the unneeded riser, heating it with a soldering iron (250C usually), and then pulling the riser and screw out together with pliers should work well.

Huh, interesting. It sounds like it can work, but it’d take a little bit of tinkering on my end. Got it!

Thank you for the quick response. :slight_smile: