Cassette Saver ('Kishsaver' Style) Case Preview Album -

Almost done with the Cassette Saver design. Iconic Case on the left and Cassette Saver on the right.

I made it similar width-wise with the Iconic Case design so my boxes work for packaging (~330mm width).

It has a nice cutout in the top bezel that will fit Artisan keycaps or pencils. It is very slightly angled as well.

The “2021” version has a 3mm PCB riser height instead of 2.5mm and it has a slightly taller embossing for the text on the inside of the case. It’s practically indistinguishable from the 1721 versions.

I feel like the USB port is done well enough, so if people find that they have USB cables that won’t fit and that’s a common problem, I’ll redesign the port to be larger. I wanted it to have a corded look and completely “bury” the plug inside the bezel.

Album link below:


I feel like the one on the right would collect a lot of hair and dust in that tray is all. I prefer to have to traditional raised bar for keeping a single pencil or pen. Easier to clean off. Just my 2cents

I agree with this. This is a nice case and I think it would be better to me with this. Like the Model F and CA66.

Adding two more photos - I made a glow in the dark version - please someone pair it cheekily with Nuclear Data :joy:

Also, I cannot properly take or crop photos with haste, so excuse the quickly snapped pics!

Also, on the “classic” bar design for the top, I’ll just branch another version off and have a “Saver Classic” if people prefer the single bar and not the cutout in the top.

Eventually I’ll add a custom print request to my website and let people customize them further.

Also, the Saver Classic Render:


Nice cases! Do you have an ETA on when they’ll be available?

I’m liking that version with the bar! I’d definitely be interested in one of those :smiley:

This is really fantastic.
Would it be possible to get a side shot of the angle the case sits at for the 2021 and 1721?

Both cases are flat, but I do have tall bumpons for the back if people want to stick those on and angle the cases some.

I have two done currently, so it takes me a couple of weeks to build some stock up.

It’s interesting that people prefer the bar design, I’ll test that out soon to make sure it prints well and list some on the store.

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We just want to reminisce about the past :slight_smile:


Looks cool, but I am concerned about the small USB area.

I’ve updated the design to a “2.1” version. The pcb height was raised to 3.5mm instead of 2.5mm in version 1.7. The embossing on the case was also raised to 1mm height instead of 0.25mm to 0.5mm height.

This was mostly to provide a little more breathing room for the brass heat inserts and also to make the text embossing stand out a bit more.

I widened the sides of the Cassette Saver (previously about 1.25u keycap size to 1.5u size), it’s a pretty large design, but below are some screenshots of the current lo-fi renders.

I’m printing some in black PLA currently, which was requested by a few different people.

The USB port is a little different, but I think it should work for most mini USB cables. I included a screenshot of the underside of the case so people could see how it is arranged. Worst case scenario is that you may have to get a different cable, but I would guess most handmade cables with the heat shrink metal housings should fit fine since they’re slimmer and smaller.

(As an aside, the image hosting on the forum is great, everything works seamlessly)


That’s a pretty cool take on the OG. I like it a lot. I swear if we could ever get something like this injection molded I would buy 3 and quit the game. I’m down for a print. It’s not my ideal material, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Black PLA Saver Classic Prototype (debating making the final version taller - around 27mm, this one is 21mm in height):

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Love the groove for the pencil!

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looks awesome! curious what you print these on? they are one piece correct? how much filament is 1 case typically?

I’m using a custom Prusa style 3D printer, I spent extra on Hiwin linear rails, so the layer alignment is sharper than generic linear rails or bearings.

I also vary my print settings by height, so the final layer is a little bit different than the other layers in the print in that it doesn’t actually have a border, it’s a little bit like if you spread a layer of thin frosting over a cake in a smooth diagonal pattern.

Each case weighs between 290 grams to 350 grams and I use hexagonal infill, which some users feel has better sound absorption qualities?

These are all one piece prints. I have considered doing two-piece with more brass heat inserts to attach pieces together, but I think it unnecessarily complicates things.