Category about firmware and programming?

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I was wondering if a category about QMK, TMK, firmwares, programming, etc would make sense, and if you don’t think so what category you think a question about that would go.


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Several people have suggested this already, and I entirely agree. I’ve created a sort of catch-all category for “Firmware, Programming, and Hardware Compatibility” in the learning/teaching section. I vacillated somewhat on whether it belongs in the Makerspace or the Learning section. Anybody have any thoughts/opinions?

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I think in terms of learning QMK it should be in the learning section. If people are wanting to learn how to design and fabricate PCB’s etc that sits more in the Makerspace for me.


I’d second that, a distinction should be made between teaching existing functionality to a new user and the creation of new software/hardware, ‘programming’ bridges the two in my opinion.

By way of an example, ‘How do I program my DZ60’ vs ‘Ways to improve SMD LED handling within QMK’.

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I agree. I think this makes more sense in the learning section right now. We debated about whether to have a separate PCB section under Makerspace, but we thought maybe that would fit under just “making keyboards.” Let’s see if anybody has a burning desire for that and we can certainly add it in as necessary. I think a good category taxonomy is really important to help new people navigate the site and get a sense of the breadth of topics covered here. The firmware/EE side of things is less my area of expertise, so I look forward to taking cues from people who are more familiar with it than I am. :slight_smile:

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thanks Chris for explaining exactly what I was trying to say :slight_smile:

Agree, I think it makes sense to divide those two types of post between “learning” and “makerspace” even if it is “software making”

So what do you guys think: maybe add a “PCBs and Firmware” section to Makerspace as well?

Seems perfectly reasonable to me - and the coupling fits, even if not all, the majority that are interested in one at least have a vested interest in the development of the other.

Yes, makes sense to me.