Centromere+ Split Wireless Ergo Keyboard, and other various wireless keyboards

I’ve opened a group buy for the Centromere Plus keyboard that will be running for two weeks. The Centromere range of keyboards are ergonomic, split, and low latency wireless keyboards that can be programmed via QMK to use any keymap. There is more information about them on the product page for the Centromere+ keyboard. The group buy will run for two weeks, and it’ll take 3-4 weeks for parts to arrive, and another 3-4 weeks or so to complete them. Expected shipping dates then would be around mid December. The group buy will run until October 8th.

The Meiosis wireless split ortholinear keyboard has also been restocked. The Meiosis an orthogonal split keyboard with 60( or 58) keys, with a 5x6 x2 layout.

The Telophase keyboard has also been restocked with a limited number of boards. The Telophase is an orthogonal split keyboard with 48( or 46) keys, similar to a wireless “Let’s Split” keyboard.

All keyboards listed here are powered by a coin cell battery that lasts for months without replacement, and are compatible with both Cherry MX switches and low profile Kailh “Choc” switches as well. They come with a pre-programmed wireless receiver that connects via USB, which can be reprogrammed with your keymap of choice. These receivers are advantageous as they reduce the latency and increase battery life relative to Bluetooth keyboards, and simplify the process of flashing a QMK keymap onto the boards.

I’ve made a handful of Zeta boards available as well. These are made to order and are available in a limited number. They are an ergonomic, column staggered semi-split board with 48 keys.

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