Ceraklack R2 and Beyond (Formally Tyson's Cerakote Liaison Service)

Hey Keebtalk!

OFFICIAL DISCORD: https://discord.gg/sgcqgWK

Entries will close on 8/28/19.

Here’s a spreadsheet of where I am at on the current wave of Round 1.

This is my Second time ever running a service I have learned a lot from when I first started doing this! Thank you everyone that has followed my journey of cerakote. I’m mixing it up with round 2 and running the service a bit differently, after talking with the shop and a few users I learned that more boards can be completed faster if they all get the same color, the shop doesn’t have to constantly keep changing colors to work on all the boards. With that in mind I am going to run 1 colorway at a time, I have already selected the first color based on a poll I ran in the Ceraclack discord. Graphite Black will be the first color that we will run with. I will allow 50 boards for this color. Once all 50 are complete we will run the next color and so fourth. Kind of like artisan fulfillment colorways. Periodically I will allow a few commissions on the side to allow for people to go crazy on whatever colors they want, but it will definitely be far less than Round 1.

I will be posting pics of more boards that I get cerakoted in a album on imgur you can find that link right here: https://imgur.com/a/eIy8SsM

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to most metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Cerakote will also remove most blemishes from whatever surface it is applied to.

The specific shop that I will be using uses all the cerakote colors. Here are all the base colors: https://www.cerakote.com/finishes/

The Shop is able to use any series colors along with guncandy colors: https://www.guncandy.com/collections/all-colors

The H Series (Oven Baked Series) is one of the toughest series and is very durable.
The C Series (Air Cured Series) is used for Plastics and will be used when plastic boards.
The Gun Candy colors are air cured colors and will work on both plastic and metal.

Please be aware that in order to cerakote the keyboards the shop owner will sandblast the anodization off the keyboard then coat the board in the ceramic finish. This won’t effect tolerances all that much. I have tested that out with my Noxary X60, along with a few other boards and everything seems to fit just fine.
If you would for whatever reason want to re-anodize the board be aware that you will need to talk to your anodizer before proceeding with doing that.

The service will work as followed below:

  1. I will email you so we can figure out shipping arrangements (which carrier, insurance, and cost to and from), after they have been figured out I will invoice you through Paypal.

  2. Once the board arrives to me I will take it to the shop when enough boards are in

  3. It will take 2 to 4 weeks for the shop to coat the board correctly

  4. The shop will periodically update me on the progress of all the boards

  5. When the shop lets me know that they are all ready to go I will go grab as many as possible and bring them back to my apartment to inspect, if everything looks good I will mail them out as soon as they are done curing, this usually takes 1 full week. After that we go back and repeat step 4 and keep the loop going until all the boards are mailed out!

  6. Help Choose the next color by voicing your opinion in a vote!

  7. Repeat the entire process again from step 1

Estimated total Service Time: 1 to 2 months per color (May take more days depending on shipping location)

Estimated completion date: None, just whenever I want to stop running the service.


Pricing will range depending on the surface area of the board and shipping locations

US Orders will be shipped back in USPS Flat Rate Boxes, insurance is also an added cost for the shipping price,

Small Size Estimated Price (Normal sized 65%, 60%, 40% and smaller): $30 per piece of board + Shipping from me when the board is complete

Medium Size Estimated Price (75%): $40 per piece of board + Shipping from me when the board is complete

Large Size Estimated Price (TKL, Full Size and other large boards): $45 per piece of board + Shipping from me when the board is complete

Consolidated all of the Round 1 Updates into a Paste Bin


Are there any sample pictures of the Graphite Black on a keyboard you can post for u?


Here’s a Lunar that got cerakoted in Graphite Black!

Here’s a AL1 that also got cerakoted in Graphite Black, the weight was clear cerakoted.

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I was just thinking last night that I have too many black boards, so I will be sitting this round out, but I might be interested for a more exotic color later on.

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Basically same

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Graphite Black seems to look really good with brass. Thanks for the pics

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No problem, I plan on running an Olivia Rose Gold custom color, leviathan/waves custom color, night runner custom colors, and 8008 custom colors and a few more :wink:


Just curious, what is the process like for plastic? Is the C series as durable as H (I’ve read it’s the same)?

C series is air cured, basically C = Cool, H = Heat. The C series applies the same way the H series would on the board, the only difference is that you don’t put the material in the oven, you let it sit for 7 days before handling it, then you let it sit for 7 more days to fully cure. The durability should be about the same as the H series, but will be stronger again UV rays.

I just got word that the shop has made some progress with the boards that are still there. They worked on them Friday morning and finished a few of them around noon. I am going to try to go there on Thursday to pick them up, the Canoe, and HHKB are still being worked on. As for Round 2, I will close entry for Graphite Black next Wednesday night and start invoicing people so they can start sending the boards to me, I will give them two weeks to mail me their board before I refund their order. The weather will have cooled off just enough for the shop to work on boards throughout the day. I’ll hopefully get those done in a month. Once those are done I’ll start mailing them back. Just like the usual I’ll keep everyone updated and post pics

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I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of boards people are putting forward to be cerakoted