Cerakote Polycarbonate

Has anyone ever tried to cerakote a polycarbonate case? I think it should be doable. Specs say polycarbonate enters glass state (starts to soften) at 297F and melts at 311F

H series cerakote spec says you can cure plastics at 150-180F for 2 hours.

I’ve been dying for some nice custom plastic cases for ages. Maybe this is how to go about it?


It also appears that there are “ultra-low” temperature powder coating processes that would work as well. From my understanding, however, those powders are more expensive b/c they are harder to deal with. Like… you can’t let them get much above 80F without the powder clumping.

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I used Cerakote on a Model M case a couple of years back. It came out really well. Though, a sharp implement (key, coin, etc.) can scratch the coating off.

It has an interesting, extremely dry, hand feel.