Certificate error


Since one hour I have an error with the site certificate.


It occurs on Firefox, I can access the website via Edge. I have no issues with any other websites btw.

I can bypass the error by switching this flag to false, security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling. But it’s not a solution.

So it seems that the certificate of Keebtalk was renew today and now I have this issue on all my devices. Look like an error with OCSP stapling feature and the Keebtalk’s certificate.


Do you have also this particular issue on your side ?

No issues for me. I cleared all my cached data and tried on Firefox and chrome latest builds for iOS

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That’s really strange, the issue desperate and I do nothing… :thinking:

Try clearing everything from your browser (all caches and browsing data) and restart it. I force https connections everywhere and I’m having no issues at all. I checked the certificate and it’s accurate.


Thank you but it seems that the “error” has resolved itself :slight_smile:

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