Cheap Acrylic Lube Stations on Ebay

You can find some here

If you look under other sponsored items, you’ll find other size variations as well


Today I just picked up this Lube station from Aliexpress, for 14$ shipped, brushes + opener + stem holder. The acrylic is thicker than the switch testers ones and well done.

Downside: shipping took 1.5 months


Then again, you can just ditch the lube station and go old-school.

I don’t think I would even consider lubing switches without the lube station anymore, it already takes forever and is a pain in the butt, so much easier to just go down each row and do them all at once

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I’ve never tried one, but I’ve done it without and it was pretty enjoyable. I want to get a laster cutter, then I can make my own.