Cheap Wireless 65% : GMK67, new GAS67 or ...?

Hi guys,
even if I already have a IK75, was thinking to try some cheap 65% one and I currently have the GMK67 with Outemu Ocean Silent switch in my Aliexpress basket: for only around 66 € could it be worth, taking in account I’ll do some mods (plumber’s one on the stabs at least)?

EDIT: I’ve already have a couple of keycap set to try on it :upside_down_face:

Do you have other similar products, in the same price tag, to recommend?

Thanks in advance :grin:

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Tester68 is very low priced most of the time and is a decent tray mount once you lube the stabs. Mine cost me about $25 shipped.

Gamakay LK67 is liked by many (also tray mount) and the GAS67 (gasket) is on sale on AliExpress right now, both generally in the same price bracket as the GMK67.

If you spend a little more you can build the KbdCraft Adam, which is a lot of fun and has a super flexy gasket mount.

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Tester 68 was kept off as I prefer to have rechargeable batteries, like in the GMK87.

The Adam would be nice, since I like Lego :grin:, but would like to remain with 65%, to have some other useful keys.

I’ve even already checked both LK67 and GAS87, but the GMK87 have some other foams which could help me in making another quite silent build.

Thanks anyway for all your advices :relieved:

Mine runs fine on 2 rechargeable NiMH AAAs. There are always a few on the charger and a pair runs for several weeks before I need to swap them out.

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Just noticed that a new version of GAS67 came out, with 3-mode connection like the GMK67.
Price of barebone kit is similar, so the only doubt would be: how is the software/driver of both?
Since I’d like to be able to remap some combo, let’s say CTRL+F5, down to a 2-key combo instead of having to use FN to have F5 from 5 number key.

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You may be interested, so. There’s a sale on Ali right now and the original wired-only GAS67 kit is like $30 ATM.

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Thanks for the info, was already putting some switches in the basket in the past days :upside_down_face:
but not really interested in the wired-only version: I’ve found a GMK67 for 52 € and I’m still thinking to buy it or not, since I’m not really sure the driver/software could make me remap keys and combo as I want

OK guys, didn’t resist and with the sales on Aliexpress I’ve bought some things, included the GMK67 :laughing:

Thanks all and see you around when I’ll receive it :3