Cheers from Mannheim, Germany! This is Klaus

My name is Klaus and I live in Mannheim, Germany with my family. I am a husband and father of one little daughter.

I started to use computers when I was 10 and got my first own computer at the age of 15, which was an adorable, tiny iBook G4 12" (long time before Apple became ‘cool’ again, huh :wink:) After graduating in Business Information Technology I’ve been working at a German software company – so I am using a keyboard on a daily basis for the last 20+ years of my life…
Last year I recently realized that mechanical keyboards are a very nice hobby and I started watching Youtube videos, Twitch streams and reading forums like this one.

I am glad that I found keebtalk as a very friendly, highly competent community of mk enthusiasts and I am looking forward to making a small contribution to this community in the future.


Hey. Welcome!
What’s your current daily driver?


Thank you very much. Nothing fancy right now. I still use the Keychron K2 (version 1) in ISO-DE and Cherry MX blues with o-rings as my first real mechanical keyboard on a daily basis because I am not yet used to ANSI. Some months ago the K2 ticked all the boxes: 75%, ISO-DE, Mac media keys and layout, backlit, clicky. And immediately available in Germany at that time.
I also own a an OLKB Preonic (frosted acrylic case) with Kalih Box Whites that I swap with the K2 to have some fun.
And for old times sake I acquired a used Apple Keyboard A1048 rubber dome keyboard because that was my first external keyboard in 2003.
I currently dream about the upcoming Werk.One from Werk.Technica.


Greetings and welcome! We’re glad to have you here.

It’s really something when you use a tool for so many years to discover there are much better (and personally suitable) versions available. The first time I used a proper mechanical keyboard wasn’t too unlike the first time I rode a bicycle with really good tires - I had no idea what a difference there would be until I tried it.


Serbus Klaus, viele Grüße aus München.

Cherry MX blues with o-rings

That is an odd combo, I always imagined people use o-rings to make already silent-ish switches more silent (by muting bottoming down).


Very odd! But so far I like it. It can be the cheap stock keycaps of the K2, but they sound better this way. :man_shrugging:

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The o-ring will dampen the bottom out sound, which is separate from the click of the switch, so I could definitely see why you might prefer that acoustically

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Once you adopt the ANSI layout, have a look at EurKEY as an alternative to US International.


ISO-DE gang! Gruß aus FFM.

Although I half-converted to ANSI just to be more compatible with the market… and ISO-DE isn’t great for programming. @APC-7 That layout looks interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Another use for o-rings on the MX blues is to reduce that pre-travel, which I learned to dislike after a while. Ended up replacing them with Box Whites which is way more what I wanted in a clicky board.

(Edit: on a second thought, o-rings and pre-travel don’t seem to make much sense. Maybe I’m mixing up my dislikes and the attempts to mitigate them.)