Cherry electrical PC/AT, G80-3000

Is this board something worthy of buying? Spotted it on a auction site, currently it sits at 170usd with 0 bids.
Its a swedish layout, but I am swedish so.

Im tempted, but I feel like I know to little to justfy it


Not for that price.

It has a scratch on right shift to.

But other than that it nice and has a OK B-code.

But then again, there ain’t to many OG dubbelshot Cherry caps in Swedish so if you really want them, go for it.


Ok, what about the switches?

Not the best vint Black’s, but OK.

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But it’s second hand so they could be broken in and smooth or abused and sandy…

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Definitely priced on the higher side, but like @skepp OG doubleshots in the Swedish layout aren’t exactly something you can get on Amazon anytime you want. I also agree with him that the switches will be a crapshoot.

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